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An EPIC Kid's Book

Page sample of a children's book called What if You Found a Chair in Your Ear.

An epic rhyming adventure to be read in one sitting or shared in a few.

If you like silly sounds and funky drawings this book is for you!

Join a couple of toys as they quest through a head;
learn new words, and have some laughter, there's much to be read!

Colored children's book page of a boy holding a small chair between their fingers

What if You Found a Chair in Your Ear is a "love letter" to imagination.  An inspired and illustrated love letter.  We wanted to create a book that gave the imagination a little nudge while allowing enough room in the book for the young ones to blossom their own creative thoughts and theories.  Why is all this stuff in this kid's head?  Where did these toys come from?  How is there a lollipop in there!? These are only some of the fun questions our kids asked and we'd love to hear what yours come up with too!  

As parents, we are sometimes encouraged to "find appropriate vocabulary" or "don't let your kid read too high".  It is our belief that words and language open the world and exposure to a plethora of words is necessary in order to utilize and comprehend them.  This book is written for an elementary reading level using "larger" words that are commonly used.  This provides a great opportunity for parents and kids to engage in meaningful language growth.  A quick, clear vocabulary section is located in the back to help new reader comprehension.

For the artsy kids, we've included some step-by-step drawing pages with a few of the funky characters inside!


 What if You Found a Chair in Your Ear will provide plenty of fun for new readers and more experienced imagination voyagers!

Colored page from a children's book
Step-by-step drawing of a cartoon general
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