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Giving Ideas

Two Souls-
Creating and Traveling Trails Together.

We are a multi-talented Creative Studio with a passion for storytelling.

Stories bring people together and everyone has a story to share.  Our mission is to widen and inspire grander perspectives with our art while helping others visions also come to fruition.

"Luckily, we have some 12+ years of production experience to help make it happen."

Rabbit Trail Studio is the brainchild of Julia and Devin Wright. 



Devin started his career in 2009 as a promotional videographer specializing in large event coverage.


His work has varied from nightclub commercials, music videos, and PSAs.  One of his personal favorites-- managing a crew to capture the Los Angeles Unified School District's Take Action Campaign Event located on the backlot of Paramount Studios.


In 2013 he crossed into his love of drawing and pursued Illustration and Caricature Art. 

Julia Wright is a Lee University Graduate, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Theatre and a Minor in History.​

A storyteller at heart with a passion for history—Julia strives to design while looking at the deeper values hidden beneath a character's surface level.


She began her journey in Cosmetology school with hair and makeup. Following the art trail to creating costumes and props, eventually led to managing Art Departments on film- she is able to apply her eclectic skill set in production design. If she doesn't know how to create something, she will figure out a solution to any problem with available resources while presenting a professional finished product. 

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As a studio we can more easily offer our creative babies to the public while allowing an easy gateway to connect with our great clients now and prospective artistic partners of the future. 

Always grateful and blessed to be able to make great art everyday.  We value individuality and unique spirits!

We are currently based in Nashville, TN and proud parents of four beautiful gifted children.

Concept Art
Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Children's Books


A few books in the works, check back for updates!


YouTube/ Social Media Vids

Costumes, makeup, crazy character creations, and all manner of geekdom! Video content coming soon! Follow Our Social Media for updates.

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Cross Trails with Us


Let's Connect

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Julia Wright 

Set Design.  Props.  Makeup.  Costumes.  Fabrication.  

devin Wright 

Digital Illustration.  Caricature.  Storyboard.  Conceptual.  Custom Commissions.  Weird & Warped Art. 

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